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JOSS is a composer/songwriter for visual media who is dedicated to creating cathartic and connecting experiences for audiences, performers, and  collaborators alike.

Specializing in orchestral, sampled/electronic, and vocal music, Joss has composed scores for romantic narratives, confronting documentaries, and beyond - including music for the 2023 & 2022 Sports EMMY Awards, as well as "Running the Show," an award winner in the 2021 ConnectHER Film Festival, and "Overcome," a Robert M. Golden award-winning live concert-to-picture.  His music has been featured in international broadcast media and premiered by ensembles in the U.S., Europe, and Asia.

Joss has also performed on multiple film scores as a musician/vocalist, including entries in the Despicable Me and X-Men franchises, as well as on an original song by Alan Menken for the ABC television show The Neighbors.

Selected Credits

-Music for the 2023 & 2022 Sports Emmy Awards
-Hiding Place (dir. Jared Meyer, Columbia MFA)
-Interrogated (dir. Nicole Guillen)

    *Shortlisted for 2023 BAFTA Student Award
    *Co-composed with Madison Anglin
-Some Memory Lost (dir. Edy Kennedy, Columbia MFA)
-A West Bound Story (dir. Zoé Salicrup Junco, Columbia MFA)
-Damned If You Do (dir. Edy Kennedy, Columbia MFA)
-Homecoming (dir. Amy Rong Yuan, NYU Tisch)
    *Finalist in Fusion Film Fest and NYU Sports Film Festival
-18 Roses (dir. Dani Coronado, NYU Tisch)
    *Selected for 46th Asian-American International Film Festival
-Welcome Home (dir. Catherine Nguyen, NYU Tisch)
-Running The Show (dir. Allegra Cameron)
    *Award winner, ConnectHER Film Festival

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