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New York University, M.M. '23 Music Theory & Composition: Screen Scoring

Stanford University, M.A. '21 Music, Science, and Technology (Center for Computer Research in Music & Acoustics),

& B.A. '20 Music Composition w/ Distinction; Phi Beta Kappa; Golden Medal for Excellence in the Humanities and Creative Arts; 4.02 GPA; obtained ACTFL Proficiency Notations in Mandarin Chinese, French, & Korean

Valedictorian, Harvard-Westlake School; National Merit Scholar; GRE: 170 Math / 169 Verbal

PERFORMANCE EXPERTISE: Piano | Classical & Contemporary Vocal | Guitar | Drum Kit

SOFTWARE EXPERTISE: Cubase | Logic Pro | Pro Tools | Sibelius | Finale | Dorico | Wwise | Unity | Final Cut | Kontakt, Spitfire, VSL, 8dio VSTs | iZotope Ozone & RX | Microsoft Excel, Word, Powerpoint , Outlook | Google Drive / Docs | Python/C++/Java 


Professional Composer, Vocalist, & Musician for Film/TV/Media & Recording (Ongoing)

  • Completed >30 end-to-end projects as primary or co-composer.  Fulfilled subjective/objective demands & work requirements of multiple stakeholders.  Delivered within tight timelines/budgets.  Led in-person and remote recording sessions, as well as organized/prepared/edited scores + parts + received audio, with soloists + large ensembles including Budapest Scoring Orchestra, NYU Contemporary Music Ensemble, and NYU Percussion Ensemble, at studios including NYU Clive Davis.  Contracted add'l musicians including vocalists from St. Patrick's Cathedral choir.  Managed high volume of digital assets and project versions.  Excelled at coordinating with technical/artistic teams of different disciplines.

  • Selected credits as Composer include: 2023 & 2022 Sports EMMY® Awards (live ceremony & stream) - Additional Music; freelance for Duotone Audio Group; "Interrogated" (dir. Nicole Guillen), Shortlisted for 2023 Student BAFTA award (score co-composed w/ Madison Anglin); "Homecoming" (dir. Amy Rong Yuan), Finalist in 2023 Fusion Film Festival and 2022 NYU Sports Film Festival; "18 Roses" (dir. Dani Coronado) ­- Selected for 2023 Asian American International Film Festival (musical film, co-composed w/ Aalisha Jaisinghani); "Running The Show" (dir. Allegra Cameron), ConnectHER Film Festival award winner 2021; Original song commissioned by Chinese Ministry of Culture arm for worldwide "Chinese Bridge" broadcast (communicated in Chinese with local production/recording staff)

  • Selected credits as Vocalist/Musician include:  Vocalist - St. Patrick's Cathedral choir (NYC); "Despicable Me" & "X-Men" film franchises; TV recording session w/Alan Menken; Pianist - performance w/Lang Lang on "The Tonight Show"

Composer Assistant, Joy Music House (Ongoing)

  • Assisting in all aspects of score production for multiple clients. Performing music/audio editing/comping, MIDI cleanup, music notation/prep, orchestration, recording session note management

Studio Intern with Grammy-winning film/game/concert composer Christopher Tin (2019)

  • Proofed scores and audio; performed MIDI cleanup and comping on large orchestral/choral projects

Associate Composing Fellow, Los Angeles Philharmonic (2013-2016)

  • Participated in workshops with and received composition premieres by Los Angeles Philharmonic musicians

Adjunct Instructor & Music Theory Tutor, New York University (2021-2022)

  • Taught intro film scoring course for non-music majors; tutored all levels of music theory (I-IV), both written and aural

Music Technology Curriculum Developer & Instructor, National Children's Chorus (2021-2022)

  • Developed and taught nationally-deployed original curriculum in Music Technology

Course Developer/Instructor - Game Design; Robotics; Python, Summer Institute for the Gifted (2022-2023)

  • Developed (and taught) nationally-deployed original curriculum for video game design in Unity/C#

Private Tutor (multiple employers including Brownstone Tutors) (Ongoing)

  • Tailoring and executing plans to achieve students' unique learning goals in Test Prep, Calculus, Coding, Languages

Audiovisual Assistant, New York University Institute of Fine Arts (2021-2023)

  • Provided technical A/V support and in person preparation/assistance for dozens of in-person events (+ online/hybrid)

Stanford Friends of Music Board of Directors (Ongoing)

  • Voting member overseeing >$300K yearly budget; spearheaded $30K matched grant program


MUSIC PRODUCTION & OTHER COURSE HIGHLIGHTS: Neuroplasticity & Musical Gaming, Digital Audio Signal Processing I-IV (Developed original perceptual audio codec & music production plugins), Music Software Design (Created music-based video games exploring various modes of interactivity), Psychophysics & Music Cognition, , Ear Training for Audio Engineers, Mixing in the DAW, Adv. Sound Recording Tech, Music Editing, Adv. Orchestration for Media Scoring, Adv. Conducting, Programming Methods


AFFILIATIONS: SAG-AFTRA | ASCAP | Society of Composers and Lyricists | Alliance for Women Film Composers

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